Currently, there are two conservation groups that want to turn things around. The Center for Biological Diversity and the Gulf Restoration Network filed a petition on the matter. This is based on the Endangered Species Act. They are asking the Louisiana State Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to end this unrestricted trade. They are also asking the department to protect these turtles and their ecosystems. Louisiana should emulate other neighboring states who have heavily regulated or banned commercial turtle fishing. They include Florida, Alabama, Georgia, and Texas. These states have restricted commercial turtle trade over the past nine years which is very impressive.

The filed petition does not target the hunter who catches the turtle for food. Instead, it targets a group of people who treat wild turtles as commodities. The main concern lies in the market-based approach to turtle conservation and management. Fishing these turtle species for commercial purposes will quickly render them extinct. This New Sensations discount petition is expected to inspire Louisiana to protect its turtle species. Restricting commercial turtle harvest will solve the life-threatening problems affecting these species. All parties involved in this trade should also own this problem of extinction and give these turtles a chance to exist... Read More